Survey Results of Anamoose Needs

survey groupThe Washburn Lions Club shared survey results at a  meeting Tuesday, February 23rd at the Anamoose Senior Center.  Judy Beaudry,  Lions District Governor, had talked to many people in Anamoose about 2 weeks ago and had many of the residents fill out a questioneer of our needs.  Discussion was held on all the activities we have in Anamoose such as Wild Life gun safety & trap shooting, Civic Club summer recreation, Market in the Park with food served by MainStreams or Park Board, etc.  She had a long list of needs that she had compiled from the surveys.    Quite a few of the needs listed were taken off by the group in attendance as they felt these needs were already met.

Paying for planground equipment for the park was probably the most pressing need.  The present equipment is 30-35 years old.  The Park Board wants “something durable, safer and not geared to any age group”.  About $60,000 has been raised, but a total of $72,000 is needed.  Four old trees were just cut down at a cost of $5000.

The older youth are probably the most lacking in activities.  The ice skating rink was never flooded this year, which is a good winter activity.  Someone has to be in charge of it to see that it is maintained.

Beaudry called the Community Calendar “the best thing I ever saw”.  Jackie Reis is in charge of the calendar.

MainStreams (main street improvements), starting with the Historic Bank, is another important project.  Beaudry stated we have an “Outstanding community.  I’m very impressed-but how can we make it better”?

Judy Beaudry & Gary Fry

Judy Beaudry & Gary Fry

Gary Fry, New Club Consultant for Lions Clubs International, Mitchellville, IA, talked of the Lions Club projects.  One large project is 87 foreign camps.  Sight and hearing are the main goals of the Lions Club-dating back to Helen Keller. They go into schools to check hearing and eye sight and have a 12% referral rate. Their plans are to come to the Anamoose School in the near future.

They would like to start a Lions Club in Anamoose.  If you are interested in this organization please contact me at


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