Food Hub Progress

Troy Barrington & Merek Petrovic

Troy Barrington & Merek Petrovic

Lots of progress since I was at the Food Hub on February 10th.  Merek Petrovic’s pastor helped him and Troy Barrington on Monday.  They have almost all the sheet rock up in the store area.  Next they will do the sheet rock in the kitchen and then the tedious job of taping.  Then they  will be putting down the Hydronic floor heat and the floor tile  Merek plans to put a new window in the front.  The drop ceiling will be the last big task.

Merek told me some of their plans for the business.  “Anything that will aggregate here is for sale in the store.  It will give you an opportunity to eat locally.  When you buy food here you have bought it from your neighbor-not from California. We will package some-send to Bismarck, and some will be for sale here.  If it doesn’t sell it will be processed in the kitchen.   The kitchen can also be used by members of the food hub.”

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