Change in 1st State Bank Agency

ryan fillerMid January Ryan Filler replaced Jess Reimche at the 1st State Bank Agency-Anamoose/Harvey.  Ryan mostly deals with crop insurance, but also assists with property and casualty insurance.  He lives on his farm south-east of Anamoose where he raises cattle. 

Ryan worked 13 years at the Pierce & McHenry County Farm Service Agency (FSA) in Towner and Rugby.  After tiring of commuting, he worked at Nuline Insurance Service at Harvey for 2 1/2 years.

He likes working in Anamoose with local people, & he now has more time for farm labor.  His 2 daughters live in Bismarck.  Cassie is in her last semester at Bismarck State College where she is taking nursing.  She has a 4 year old daughter, Kambrie.  Carlie is in her 3rd year at Bismarck State college.  She also works at HAV-IT in Harvey some weekends and in the summer.

To contact Ryan call the Anamoose State Bank at 465-3613.

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