Can’t Stay Away From the Greenhouse

Most of us aren’t thinking about planting flowers yet, but my usual trip to the Schmaltz Greenhouse started me thinking-just a little bit.  I was a little earlier this year, so very few of the flowers are blooming.  Mike took me through the Succulent building where he mostly has cactus.  I had to ask Siri on my cell phone what succulents are.  I found out they are flat plants having some parts that are normally thicker and flat to retain water as in arid climates. basket

Picture frame cactus

Picture frame cactus to hang on fence or wall

cactus varieties

cactus varieties

Mike will be getting in his trees and shrubs in April. He has ordered more than last year.  He has a few more colors in flowers, but no new varieties this year.

Monica Schmidt, Torie Dosch, Kaylie Lemer, Mike Schmaltz

Monica Schmidt, Torie Dosch, Kailey Lemer, Mike Schmaltz

Besides Mike, Torie Dosch and Monica Schmidt have been working full-time since February.   Kailey Lemer, Matt Jund and Marcie Bichler work part-time.

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