Vacationing at Antelope

I’d heard that Ted & Tammy Mertz had started a housing development at Antelope Lake, so yesterday I got Doug & Kathy Rademacher to show me how to get there.

Antelope Hills Development

Antelope Hills Development

Antelope Hills Development is located on the east side of Antelope Lake, about 12 miles northeast of Anamoose.  Ted has cleared off 15 one acre sites for now, but eventually will have 34.  So far four lots have been sold-all to people from Minot.  The lots come with water.  Electricity goes right past the lots, so the owners just need to hook on.  Buyers need to get their own septic system.

cement slab for cabin

cement slab for cabin

A custom log cabin is being built in Canada & will be put on this cement foundation.

mertz cabin 2inside mertz cabin 2Showing me around their cabin, Tammy told me they bought a storage shed & added 2 bedrooms & a bathroom.  They first put it near the entrance at the top of the hill, but Tammy decided the lake view was better at the bottom, so they slid it down on skids.  They did all the remodeling themselves over 2 years-working nights & weekends. The results are very impressive.  When sitting & visiting outside on their patio I could see the attraction for the area.  Ted remarked “It’s the view that people come for.  There are not many places in ND where you can see lake & hills. ”  Also there is walleye & perch fishing.  Ted & a friend were just coming in on a pontoon when we arrived at the cabin.mertz view




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