New Arrivals!

I remember back a few year ago if we had one Anamoose baby a year we were happy.  Now this year we have had 4 babies since June 17th.  Dylan Eric, son of Theresa & Heath Hoke, was the first Anamoose addition.  At 2 months he has grown almost 4 lbs & 4 3/4ths inches.  He has a full head of black hair!IMG_2624

Dylan was followed by Gracie Schmaltz, daughter of Abby Schwan & Mikey Schmaltz; Shaelynn Kay Mann, daughter of Kim Meckle & Jason Mann; & Drew Curtis Hase, son of Christy & Fred Hase.  Also 2nd grade elementary teacher, Britteny Bromley & her husband Paul, from Harvey, just had a baby girl, Willow Grace.  Willow’s grandparents are Marilyn & Jeff Bromley that farm  north of Anamoose.

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