Anamoose Increases the Green

About 90 trees have been planted around Anamoose during the past 4-5 years, and 36 were planted this year alone.  This has been done to replace trees that are aging and being removed or will be removed in the future.

This year, the City of Anamoose received a $10,000 matching tree grant from the ND Dept of Forestry.  In previous years the City Council obligated approximately $2,000 each year for trees to be planted.  In all cases, the labor was donated by volunteers, usually Mike Schmaltz, Torrie Dosch, Joe Dosch, Frank Sieg and Brad Fletschock.  Also, in all cases, the trees have had to be planted on public land.  These planting cannot be done on private property.

South of Anamoose Housing to Hwy 52

South of Anamoose Housing to Hwy 52

This year’s Tree Grant paid to remove the 4 deteriorating trees in the City Park, and to plant 12 different varieties of trees along the north road extending from Matt and Theresa Rudnick’s house  east to the City Tree & Leaves Depository; around the curve and east to 3rd Street by Dennis and Phyllis Zimmerman’s house; and south of the Anamoose Housing Complex out to Hwy 52 along the west side of 3rd Street.  The Tree Grant also paid for the stakes, tree guards, rope, water bags that hold 20 gallons, and mulch.  The matching $10,000 was met in-kind by keeping track of the hours worked by the volunteers as well as the hours attributed to City equipment to assist with accomplishing everything.tree

The Inspector from the Dept, of Forestry met with Mike Schmaltz and Bonnie Helm last week; taking a tour of all of the planted sites as well as an inspection of where the trees were removed in the City Park.  She indicated she was very pleased with the results.  When Bonnie Helm showed her the hours worked by volunteers and the use of City equipment, she indicated she would be submitting her Inspection Report to the ND Dept, of Forestry and would recommend disbursal of reimbursement in the amount of $10,000 to the City of Anamoose.

There was some discussion about future tree projects Anamoose might want to  pursue, and, she encouraged us to submit grant applications to the ND Dept, of Forestry again when the time comes.

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