Fall Happenings in Anamoose 2016

A few changes have taken place in the last few months since I blogged in the spring.

spearpointScott and Rachel Spear have started a new business Spearpoint Arms.  They have obtained a federal firearms license to buy and sell guns and do gun transfers.  They carry no inventory, but do their business on an order basis.  For a 9-11am appointment Monday-Friday call 701-465-3079 or  701-693-6247.

Mike and Connie Rudnick are building a new garage on the lot south of them where the house burned last winter.  Becker Construction is the contractor.

Julie Dionne, APO Postmaster for Harvey, Anamoose, Drake, Esmond, Maddock and Bowden, came this fall to trim the bushes around the Anamoose Post Office.  The Brad Fletschock family does the maintenance of the lawn.

Julie Dionne

Julie Dionne

I couldn’t resist taking this picture of Larry Clark from Drake eating this HUGE pancake at the Anamoose Café.  Connie Rudnick sure knows how to keep her customers happy.2016-10-24-larry-clark

On the June ballot a mill levy was set up for the Harvey Ambulance Service.  A District Board was organized and voted to approve 7 mills.  The maximum that can be approved is 10 mills.

There have been 3 auctions this summer-Jerry and Barbara Helm, who returned to their home in Lago Vista, TX ,Emanuel and Angie Kesler, who moved to Aberdeen, SD for health reasons, and Eileen McDermott, who moved here from Minot and needed to downsize.

Work continues on the FARMtastic Food Hub.  The insulation, walls and drop ceiling are in, new windows and a back door installed, a shelter put up over the back door and cellarway, and floor heating is being installed by Merek Petrovic and Troy Barrington.  With the warm weather continuing this fall Julia Petrovic, with her children’s help, was able to put the second coat on the lower front of the building. oct-2016

Pictured is Merek with his nail gun that looks like something that would be used in those outer space movies.  He told me that it has a battery and a small gas chamber that will drill 2000 nails.meric-using-nail-gun

The 1909 Historic Bank has been awarded a grant of $218,640 from USDA Rural Development.  I will be blogging more on the bank as work progress.

The new playground equipment has been put up in the park.  I see many kids are taking advantage of it.

new-greenhouse-buildingMike Schmaltz just added a 9th building to Schmaltz Greenhouse.  The 40×80 ft. building  will be for storage and an office.

I just got a Farmers’ Almanac Prediction in the mail yesterday that said ND is going to have “freezing cold & average snowfall” this winter.  Hopefully that doesn’t stop our community from continuing to improve this winter.

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