2016 AACF Cash Raffle

The Anamoose Area Community Foundation had their 5th annual cash raffle with the drawing on Sunday, December 4th at the Anamoose Senior Brunch.  Winners were from many communities, even from as far as Cheney, WA.

Towner tied Anamoose for the most winners from a community.

Darlene Carpenter, Towner

Darlene Carpenter, Towner

aacf-winnersElaine Miller and Brandt Jenner were the winners of a $100 ticket.  The Harvey Eagles sold tickets for us and when Norma Martin stopped to check on sales there were 3 tickets left. Elaine bought one, Brandt bought the second one and they tossed dice for the third winning ticket.  Elaine ended up paying for the ticket, but shared her winnings with Brandt.

Joe and Rose Weninger sold 23 of the 50 books of raffle tickets.  They have sold the most tickets every year.

Following are the cash raffle winners:

  1.  $550  Dixie Friesen, Riverdale
  2. $250  Al Hausken, Anamoose
  3. $100  Bobby Martin, Martin
  4. $50    Phyllis Peiler, Anamoose
  5. $150  Warren Zakapyko, Balfour
  6. $50   June Burgard, Towner
  7. $100 Woody’s Repair, Harvey
  8. $100 Helen Lehmann, Towner
  9. $50   Brenda Reimche, Martin
  10. $100 Brandy Jenner & Elaine Miller, Harvey Eagles
  11. $250 Tyler Macfi, Cheney, WA
  12. $50   Brad Lageson, Anamoose
  13. $100 Joel Doubek, Anamoose
  14. $50   Darlene Carpenter, Towner
  15. $50   Tina Berndt, Towner
  16. $200 Ronda Carpenter, Towner
  17. $50   Ann Balk, Sawyer
  18. $150 Doris Johnson, Rapid City, SD
  19. $50   David Liuska, Wing
  20. $50   Marjorie Kleinsasser, Fessenden


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