And It Snowed and Snowed and Snowed!

Anamoose Housing

Anamoose Housing

Even us old-timers don’t remember this kind of weather in the past. -3 snow storms already by Christmas & snow piled so high you wonder where more snow can go.  Jacque Reis, who lives in the southeast apartment of the Anamoose Housing, says she can finally see the top of the flag pole out her window.  Is the snow melting or settling?

I was stranded in Bismarck till Thursday(4 days after Christmas).  Bismarck got 12.5 inches of snow.  Seeing all the snow here I think we got that much too.  I talked to a farmer who has kept track of the snowfall and he figures that we have had about 45 inches so far.

northwest corner of park

northwest corner of park

The city clean up crew consisted of Mike Schmaltz, Brady Schmaltz and Mickey Schmaltz.  From the looks of the streets they did a great job.  There were many volunteers that opened up peoples driveways if they did not have snow blowers.

My Christmas decorations buried in snow

my-christmas-dec-in-snowI have two more decorations that can’t even be seen, plus a Christmas Laser light that I have uncovered 4 times and now I can’t even figure out where to dig for it.

This morning the weatherman predicts 2-4 inches of snow in 2 days.  And it is only 10 days into winter!

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