Food Hub Progress

I made a visit to the Farmtastic Heritage Foods Hub yesterday to see how the work is progressing.  Took a picture of owner Mirek Petrovic & Troy Barrington in front of the newly painted walls with the distressed paneling.

Wood looking porcelain  tile has been laid on the floor with radiant heat beneath.  The ceiling has been lowered 2 feet, & 4 feet in the kitchen.

LED energy-efficient lights have been used throughout.  Ten LED inserts in the ceiling only use as much wattage as 1 light bulb.

In the kitchen fiberglass washable paneling has been installed & porcelain tile laid diagonally on the floor.  Four ovens have been purchased & Mirek stated they will have more ovens.

In the large handicapped bathroom Julia Petrovic has used paint & sponges  to create an interesting design on the walls.

In the basement walls were moved around & ceilings lowered to provide a large area for packaging products.  The same washable panels are being put up on the walls.  They have framed a walk in cooler & a fermenting room.  This is a picture of the radiant heating system for the main floor.

In the future a conveyor belt will to be installed over part of the back basement steps so cartons of food can easily be transported to the basement.

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