Not Just a Business-But a Mission

Last evening Julia and Mirek Petrovic spoke to a group of people about the FARMtastic Heritage Foods Hub as “not just a business, but a mission.  People are seeking better food.”  They explained that their Food Hub will be an aggregation and distribution center for local fresh produce and value added products.  The growers produce the produce and the Food Hub markets and sells for all the members collectively.

To become a member there is a one time fee of $350 to help with startup costs.  Membership includes:  member Umbrella Liability Insurance free for the first year, 10% more for your produce,marketing done by the food hub, and value added products.  The Food Hub negotiates the highest possible selling price and keeps 25% back from member producers and 35% from nonmembers.  The Commercial Certified Kitchen can be used by members to make value added products and baked goods for a small nominal fee.

Last year the Petrovic’s sold produce to Bisman Co-op in Bismarck and KJ Fresh Market in Minot.

New wood look tile in front section

We were given a tour of the main floor and basement.  On the main floor all the flooring, ceiling and painting is done.  Now Mirec and Troy Barrington are working on installing equipment and counters in the kitchen.  They are also working in the basement enclosing areas for the cooler and a fermenting room.  The basement will be a wash and pack center.


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