3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 8, 2017 a crowd gathered in the Anamoose City Park to wait for the Easter Bunny to kick off this year’s search of 3000 brightly colored Easter eggs spread throughout the park. 

The Bunny arrived and greeted everyone, and the search began for those special eggs leading to wonderful prizes for the lucky person who finds them.  This year 3 bicycles and a scooter were top  prizes along with some sweet treats also found in the eggs.  Bikes & Scooter

After all the eggs found their way into a variety of baskets and bags for later, it was time to head to the VFW Hall where a tasty lunch was being served by the Park Board members.  Sloppy Joes, salads of every description, and bars for dessert served up with a smile. Lunch was underway and everyone buying their tickets for the cake walks and raffles and waiting for the fun to begin.  There were 50 cakes donated to go home with some lucky family and there were a wonderful variety of raffle prizes to win.

The Bunny was available for photos and handed out treats, as well as some bunny hugs.  He even took a great picture with a 4 month old German shepherd who evidently has a fondness for bunnies! Dog&Bunny Show

When the games were finished, all the cakes were gone and the raffle prize table was empty as well and the bicycles and scooter were awarded to the respective special egg holders, it was time to call it a fun day in Anamoose.   Everyone seemed to have a very good time at this year’s Park Board sponsored Easter Egg 2017 Event.  The Park Board thanked all the community volunteers for helping make this event a success.

See you all next year!

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