Once in a Life Time!

On Tuesday, June 6th Katie Knowles, of Minot, won the IDDBA Competition at Anaheim, CA.  Three women in the United States were chosen as finalists in the cake decorating competition.  They spent three 8 hour days decorating cakes.

Katie with car cake

On day 1 they each decorated 20 novelty cakes.   Day 2 they decorated a car cake for Pixar Disney Co. which sponsors CARS 3, a new movie just coming out.  On day 3 the decorated wedding cakes.

Katie with wedding cake

Katie, daughter of Mike & Connie Rudnick, graduated from Anamoose High School in 2003.  She is married to Brian Knowles, and they have 2 sons-Landon & Nolan.  Katie is the cake manager at the Market Place Foods store on Broadway.  She has been decorating cakes for 17 years.

Congratulations Katie on your accomplishment!

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