Back row: Maurie Becker, Donna Cornelius, Scott Knutson, Mardell Helm, LeRoy Becker, Mary Beck. Front Row: Alyce Heer, Phyllis Peiler, Bonnie Helm

On August 26th, Alyce Heer, long time resident and true ambassador for Anamoose was given a “Farewell Roast” by the residents and friends of Anamoose.  Alyce has moved to Bismarck to be closer to her children.  She will be dearly missed as she did many things for the community and formed many committees where she never took “NO” for an answer!

We started the night with a potluck supper and then under the direction of MC Maurie Becker the following roaster were given the freedom to speak to and about their experiences with Alyce: Mardelle Helm, Mary Beck, Leroy Becker, Bonnie Helm, Donna Cornelius, Phyllis Peiler, Scott Knutson.  We all learned many interesting things about Alyce and had a night of laughter and some happy tears!

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