A Major Remodeling of An Old Historic Home

East side of Hoke home


South deck being added

What a change 4 years makes!  Two weeks ago Theresa Hoke invited Phyllis Peiler and me to see her completely remodeled home.  Mardi Helm and I had welcomed Theresa and Heath Hoke to Anamoose November, 2013.

While Theresa was signing the purchase papers Heath was at the house starting the demolition. They started remodeling the upstairs and kept going to the attic, main floor and just finished the kitchen.  The house was taken down to the bare studs and had all new water lines and electric installed.  Walls were taken down and doors, windows were closed to change room structure.

Heath did the majority of the planning, but had assistance with the actual work as this was the first time he had ever remodeled a home.  They were unable to find distressed wood for the kitchen, so Heath spent days distressing the wood by hitting it with chains, hammer and hatchet.  The house has a rustic look with dark wood throughout.  The doors are oak with pine and cedar trim.  Heath put 6 douglas fir beams in the upstairs master bedroom suite.  The original staircase was removed and replaced with a new staircase of spruce, popular and oak.

With 2 children-Dylan, 15 months old, and Addison, 1 month old-Theresa and Heath had them in mind with the remodeling.  The attic is where Heath spends the little free time he has tying flies for when he goes fly fishing for trout in Pennsylvania, Montana, and New York.

In the yard many old trees have been removed and a security fence has been put up in back.  Heath has done landscaping in the past, and has plans for many changes in the yard.  At present a deck is being built on the south side off the kitchen.

I tried to find out the history of the house.  Many say it started out as a hospital.  Most of us older folks remember it being called the “Moser House” as they lived there around the 50s and 60s.  I talked to Dorothy Thomssen as her mother-in-law rented the west end of the main floor from Mosers.  She said that there were several older women who also lived upstairs.  If you know any interesting history about the  house add a comment or email me at aheer1953@gmail.com

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