6th Annual AACF Cash Raffle Drawing

Twenty people were winners when the Anamoose Area Community Foundation gave out cash raffle prizes totaling $2500 on Sunday, December 3rd at the Anamoose Senior Sunday Brunch.

This has been the primary fund raiser for the AACF for 6 years.  Joe and Rose Weninger sold 240 of the 500 tickets sold this year.  Their grandson, Dillon Marquart, was the winner of the $550 ticket.  In 2012 David Gienger was the first winner of the $550.

Other winners were:

  • $250 Sheena Schnaeibel
  • $100 Dougs Auto Body
  • $50 Carol Danka
  • $150 Deb Hauser
  • $50 Rebecea Opp
  • $100 Roger Knamme
  • $100 Anthony Roma
  • $50 Keli Anderson
  • $100 Ryan Filler
  • $250 June Burgard
  • $50 Lillian Rost
  • $100 Marci Sommer
  • $50 Dennis Dockter
  • $50 Dougs Auto Body
  • $200 Amy Lesmeister
  • $50 Barb Hinricks
  • $150 Norlynn Olson
  • $50 Wendy Opp
  • $50 Rachel Spear

In the “Nearly end of Year Report” flyer mailed out to postal patrons the following statistics were listed:

  • Total assets (as of 12/31/16)- $203,880
  • Total gifts to AACF in 2017 (as of 10/31/17) -$3,435
  • Total grants given out since 2008- 39
  • Total dollars given out in grants since 2008-$50,553

Total grants awarded in 2017- Anamoose Housing Corporation-for Anamoose Housing Sidewalk Project-$2500, Anamoose Fire Department-for anew equipment truck purchase-$1500, Anamoose Park Board-for park benches-$1,200, Tri-County Senior Meals & Services-support for the senior nutrition program in Anamoose-$1500, Anamoose/Drake Summer Rec-for girls softball-$1,000.

Members of the AACF are:  Norma Martin, president; Shirley Nitz, secretary, treasurer; Joe Weninger, Vice President; Rose Weninger; Phyllis Peiler; Pat Sieg; Dick Hauser; Pam Hoke; and Julie Fahy.

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