A Year in Anamoose

I drove around Anamoose this past week and took pictures of some changes in the past year since I moved to Bismarck last July 25th.  I am sure I missed some things, but did see quite a few.

Linda Uhlich’s house with new siding,  roof and garage

William (Scott) Piper's house with new roof, siding, windows, steps, and changes to his east sunroom.

William (Scott) Piper’s house with a new roof, siding, windows, steps and changes to the east sunroom.

Joe and Torie Dosch are putting up a new garage just north of their house.

Joe and Cheryl Linardon painted their house and have it for sale.

Mike and Connie Rudnick redid the outside of their house and added a garage. They finished the project about a year ago.

Pole barn on east side of Anamoose has been purchased by the city for storage.

Heath and Theresa Hoke have added a big deck to the south side of their house that wraps around the back. They also have a new raised garden.

The former Chris and Joan Tothe house 1 block east of the school has a new owner.

It was suggested that I take a picture of Ron and Pam Hoke as they have such a beautiful yard.

4 large pots and many hanging flower baskets were purchased by the Civic Club. The pot is in front of the 1909 bank that is being remodeled.


Woody and Kathy Selzler sold their storage units

Margaret Catlett and Lib Ardinger moved into the Angie and Emanuel Kesler house on Main St. They came from Maryland to Missouri to 17 years in Heimdalh, 6 months in Harvey and finally to Anamoose.

The Farmtastic Food Hub opened up this spring

If you know of other changes please send them (and pictures if possible) to me.  My email is aheer1953@gmail.com.  It is hard to continue this blog from Bismarck.  I would sure appreciate it if you would send me information for events .  Or better yet, take over this blog.










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