2018 Grants Given Out at AACF Breakfast

The Anamoose Area Community Foundation celebrated their 10th anniversary by holding a free breakfast at the Anamoose Senior Center on Sunday, October 7.

Four grants were given out:

Lori Berndt, Early Explorers, receives grant from Joe Weninger

Mike Rudnick accepts grant from Joe Weninger for Anamoose Fire Protection District

Cindy Heintz from Rugby accepts grant for Tri-County Senior Meals and Services

Linda Dusek accepts grant for Anamoose Senior Housing

  • Early Explorers-$1,532 for class room supplies for Head Start
  • Anamoose Fire Protection District-$2000 for a new truck
  • Tri-County Senior Meals-$1500 for senior meals in the Anamoose area.
  • Anamoose Senior Housing-$3100 for repair sidewalks and parking.

$58,000 has been given out in 43 grants since organized in 2008.

Joe Weninger, Rose Weninger, Phyllis Peiler, & Norma Martin, AACF members


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