Spiffing Up Main Street

The 2 blocks on Main Street have a new look.  New side walks have replaced the old crumpled, uneven ones.  The sidewalk in front of the Fire Hall did not need to be replaced.

Terpening Construction crew at work

The sidewalk replaced in front of Main Auto

The cost is shared by the city, businesses, and donations.  Business owners will be assessed payments over 10 years with NO interest.  The Anamoose Civic Club gave $5,725 and the Anamoose Area Community Foundation gave 4 donations totaling $3900.

The work was done by Terpening Construction of Maddock.  On Sunday. October 7th when the Anamoose Area Community Foundation had their free brunch at the Anamoose Senior Center.  Joe Weninger went out to the construction crew and invited them to the brunch.  They did not take time to eat, but Bruce Terpening later sent a check to the AACF for $500.

On Thursday when Bruce was spraying a sealer on the concrete, Phyllis Peiler,an AACF board member, stopped to thank him for the donation.  Bruce replied that they enjoyed coming to Anamoose as the people are so nice to them whenever they come to work here.

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2 Responses to Spiffing Up Main Street

  1. Barbara Helm says:

    Thank you!!

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  2. David Gienger says:

    Old hometown looking good!!

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