More New Residents Choose Anamoose

On 10-13-18 Barb and I also welcomed Debbie & Luke Thomas.  Debbie is a teacher and Luke is a welder and have come to us from Garland ,TX.  Luke actually grew up in Rangeley, ND.  They live in Texas during the cold winter months an in ND during the summer months.  They chose Anamoose to get away from the Texas heat and because it is so friendly.  They each have 2 grown children and 1 Grandchild.  Hobbies include taking photos and growing plants.


On 10-24-18, I welcomed Carol Conlee, who moved from Minnewaken.  She is a nurse and is between jobs at this time.  After getting settled she is thinking of Travel Nursing.  She moved to Anamoose due to the available housing.  Her hobbies include working on remodeling her home, growing plants and is very crafty.


Our youngest New resident, Kristin Reinowski, is the 5th grade teacher at Anamoose/Drake public School in Anamoose.  Her parents live north of Anamoose and she likes being close to family.  Her hobbies include going to NDSU football games and activities as she is engaged to the center on the team, Tanner Volson, and they are planning a June wedding.  She also likes baking, reading, some hunting and Netflex.


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