Anamoose Area Community Foundation Donors


Norma Martin, president AACF, receiving check from Dave Voeller, Ottertail Power Co.

  • Ottertail Power Co.
  • Terpening Construction, Maddock
  • Nelson Funeral Home, Fessenden-Drake
  • HAVIT Services, Harvey
  • NDTC, Devils Lake
  • Doc’s Lodge, Anamoose
  • First State Bank of Harvey, Anamoose,-Harvey
  • United Community Bank, Drake
  • Warehouse Grocery, Harvey
  • Hertz Funeral Home, Harvey
  • Sheridan County Animal Hospital, Harvey

The Anamoose Area Community Foundation would like to thank the above mentioned businesses for not only serving the needs of our community, but also for donating to the AACF endowment fund.  Many thanks also to the individual donors that contributed to the fund.

These donations help make it possible for us to grant funds for our area Fire Dept., The Anamoose Park for equipment, the Tri-County Meal program for seniors, our Early Explorers HeadStart Raiders Daycare programs, local Anamoose 8-plex apartment building and grounds, as well as general city beautification with the restoration of old buildings and city sidewalks.

2018 marked our  anniversary and in the past 10 years we have awarded more than $58,000 in grants.


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