A Few Hours Spent in Anamoose

Wednesday I  rode with my neighbor, Jeanie Storsteen, from Bismarck to Anamoose to get some plants at Schmaltz Greenhouse.  We know there are a lot of places to get plants in Bismarck but there is no comparision between their plants and Mike’s.

I wanted to know what is new but as usual it was hard to get any information out of Mike. But I got Kailey Lemer, who has worked there for many years.  Kailey is taking online college courses through Dickenson, so has been able to work since March.

They have a new line of geraniums. Americana series has bigger foliage and buds. Moxie!  has smaller foliage and buds so will work in smaller pots.

Pictured is Bubble Gum petunias in the front pot, and the new Paradise in the back pot.

Kailey Lemer stands next to the new Paradise petunias.

The Greenhouse will be open through June on a regular basis.  After July 1  you can call for an appointment.

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