A New Face at Anamoose City Hall

Laurel Schnase  started as the Anamoose City Auditor on August 21st when Cheryl Linardon had to resign for medical reasons.  Her office is open Tuesday 2:30-5pm, Thursday 7:30-12:30 and 1:30-5:30,and more as needed.  She is taking an auditor’s course in which she has completed one of five sections.

Laurel’s education included a 2 year Associate Degree in Accounting at Lake Region, Devils Lake,  and 2 more years for a Business Associate Degree at UND.

In the late 80’s Laurel and her husband, Clelm, moved to Martin where they had the Schnase Garage.  In 1989 they moved to Fargo where Laurel managed a convenience store till the birth of her 3rd child.  Laurel ran a daycare for about.   4 years.  Then she joined Clem in starting a towing company.  They held the Fargo Police Department contract for all their towing.  This kept them busy with accidents and impounds, along with calls from the private sector.  They moved to Anamoose in 2017 to start farming full time.  Clem has 100 head of cow/calf pairs and also grain farms.  Laurel worked at St. Aloisius Medical Clinic in Harvey when they first moved here.  She enjoyed it, but she is intrigued by numbers and had missed it, so when the Anamoose City Auditor position became available. she applied for it.

They purchased the former Adam and Michelle Ehrman house so Laurel is able to walk to work now.  But it has probably been hard to do that this last week as Anamoose had almost 30 inches of snow.

Laurel and Clem have 3 children: 30 year old CJ, married to Tish.  They have a 3 year old boy, Connor.  Billy, 28, a Graphic Design Artist, lives in Arlington, TX.  Their daughter Amanda works at Missouri Valley Vet in Bismarck as a Vet Tech.  She is married to Branden, a soil scientist.  They live in Mandan.

Laurel stated “It is great to be back in the Anamoose area!  I love being able to work so close to home and grateful to have a job that I enjoy so much.”

Even though I live in Bismarck, I have heard many praises for Laurel’s work.  Anamoose is so lucky to have her to carry on the good work from Cheryl.


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1 Response to A New Face at Anamoose City Hall

  1. Barbara Helm says:

    Anamoose is indeed lucky! Sandy and Ron have a new neighbor. Miss you all.Barbara

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