What a Little Love Can Do

West side of house

It is very exciting to see the old 1915 “Ruth Helm home” being repaired, as it has sat empty for 4 years. At least that is what us older people remember it as.    There are 2 Victorian-like homes in Anamoose and both are undergoing renovation-this one needs major renovation inside and out, and the exterior of Bonnie Helm’s house is being repaired and painted.

The new owners are Rodney and Kathy Lund from Fargo.  Rod is a truck driver for Wise Way Trucking Monday-Friday and spends his weekends on restoring their home to much of the Victorian era style.  The main floor bathroom needs lots of work, as the floor and ceiling all need to be replaced.

Master bedroom with high ceilings.

bathroom cabinet

The house has 4 full bedrooms upstairs and 1 downstairs off the kitchen.  Rod stated that they may knock out the wall and make the kitchen larger.  All the floors are original hard wood and will be sanded and refinished.

The south door to the living room, the west entrance door and the door upstairs to the west are original doors with a etched design in the window.  They are from Amsterdam , the Netherlands.

Rod and Kathy are  well suited to the work they are doing on the house.  They remodeling  4 trailer homes that they purchased, updated and sold.  Rod restored antiques in Williston.  They moved to Phoenix,AZ for 10 years, to Fargo for 8 years and then in January, 2019 they moved to Anamoose.  When I asked why they came to Anamoose, one reply was “The house” and then I find out Kathy’s very best friend is Susan Evans, who lives with her brother, Mike Borgen on Main St.

Kathy did the interior decorating in the trailer homes.  She sewed curtains, painted and helped Rod in all the remodeling.  She likes to bake,cook, crochet and sew.  She mainly likes to make buns, Krumkake and lefse.

Kathy has 3 girls-2 living and Rod has a boy and a girl.  All their children are grown.  They have 13 grandkids-3 in Missouri, 3 in Williston, and 7 in Minnesota.  Their 5 great grand kids live in Missouri.

Rod talked of maybe putting a shop up where the small house to the north is. He would work on antiques and furniture, but his first job would be to refinish all their own wordwork.

To find out more history of the house I talked to Carmen Helm, who moved from the farm  with his parents, Chris and Ruth Helm in 1956.   He was very impressed with the house.   Gust Winterfeld built the house and also the blacksmith shop to the east.  Fred Brown was the blacksmith.  It was only heated by a small pot-bellied stove.  That was the only block that had a sidewalk all the way around it.

The house has a deep basement.  The door joists are made of cedar wood so there was were never bugs or spiders in the house.  All the rooms have 9-9 1/2 ft ceilings with no slanted ceilings.  All 4 bedrooms upstairs are full rooms with each having a closet.  The original chandelier hangs in the living room.

When Ruth Helm died in 2007, the house was purchased by Ted and Michelle Mormenstein and their 6 children.  It was then owned by Listers and one other couple., and sat empty for 4 years till the Lunds purchased it in January, 2019.

I found the Lunds to be a very friendly couple.  Kathy invited Phyllis Peiler and myself in to see their house when we were walking by and stopped to introduce ourselves.  They will have plenty of bedrooms and room for their grandkids to come and visit.


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