On 10/07/12, Alyce and I went on the road again to welcome some of the latest new residents to Anamoose.  We found 2 out of 5 people home on this Sunday afternoon and even took in a garage sale at one of our locations!

Our first residence was the home of Zach, Jodi and Caprice Ponzer.  They moved in from the farm to the former Brent Hager home.  They are delighted to be out of the trailer where they had been for the past 6 years, on his parent’s farm.  Jodi was the one with the garage sale.    Zach has lived in the Anamoose school district all his life and graduated from Anamoose High School.  He works for Tom’s Home Furnishing in Harvey and Jodi is a hair dresser and has an area in Elegance by Deb in Harvey and they both also manage Harvey’s Coin Laundry business.  Four year old Caprice attends preschool 2 days a week and goes to Day-Care the other days her parents are working.  Hobbies include anything to do with hair for Jodi as she loves her work. Zach loves the Demolition Derby action and the building of the perfect car to win a trophy.  We understand he has quite a collection!  He is also a ND hunter and enjoys motorcycles.

Next we found the newest residence actually still moving into her new home, (the former Lucas home).  Margie Crawford moved here from Granville.  She loves the good location, small town living and feeling safe.  She is retired and has hobbies of gardening and crocheting.  She is looking over her yard for next year’s garden spot.  She is excited about the paving of the streets next year.

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