SasKota Bowl

Tristin Martin was picked to play International football at Indian Head, Saskatchewantristin smaller on July 8th .  I asked his mother, Barbie, to send me some info on his game.  She sent me such a good email that I will just quote her directly.  “This was such an experience for him to get to play in an International game like this.  They had to learn how to play with the rules Canada go by, which made it very interesting.  Even though Team ND didn’t bring home the win they played a great game.  They were 5 players short from the roster of 24 players.  They played with 19 vs the Saskatchewan team of 30!  Final score was 42-34.  It rained there for 3-4 straight before the game and they had to pump water off the field as several places of the field were under water.  So it was a pretty muddy game!  I’m so glad he got the chance to play in this once in a lifetime International Game!”

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