Touring the Slavic Heritage Farm

Seven women from Anamoose joined others to spend a few hours on Sunday, July 26th at the Petrovic farm.  We had a great time touring the farm and seeing the animals.  We started out eating freshly baked Russian Blyny with jams or chocolate and lemonade-always a good way to start a tour!

merek talking to groupWe were surprised at the number of gardens Julia and Merek have, as well as the varieties of vegetables, fruits, and spices.  No commercial fertilizer is used.  They are very knowledgeable about all the produce they grow.  An intern is staying with them, but she had a family gathering on Sunday.

Barbara Helm with goats

Barbara Helm with goats

Merek chased the mother cow and her twins, goats, sheep, chickens, and ducks out of the barn, plus we saw a bunny rabbit in a cage.

kids take moneyThe whole family is involved in the tour, especially the stand where they sell tour tickets, flowers, and their mother’s baked goods.  We were unable to stay for the games and music due to a prior commitment.  I would recommend to take advantage of this tour that will continue from 4-8pm every Sunday through August 30th.

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