Spring Happenings

We are a small community of only about 245, so we don’t have big buildings going up or a large influx of people.  But we did have some small improvements this spring.

Alan Lemer's new roof

Alan Lemer’s new roof

Melvin Peiler's roof

Alan Lemer and Melvin Peiler had their  homes reroofed.

yard north of park

yard north of park

Old trees that were starting to fall over towards the house were removed from the property north of the park.

Hoke houseHeath and Theresa Hoke removed many old trees from their large yard.

house by school torn down Scott and Rachel Spear bought the property just west of the school, tore down the old gold colored house that has been empty for probably 20-30 years, and are in the process of cleaning up the yard.

garage slabJoe and Cheryl Linardon had the cement slab poured for their garage that they plan to add this summer.

firetruck washingThe Fire Dept. had a cleanup night and washed all their fire trucks and vehicles before a meeting.

sign daycareLittle Raiders Day Care has a new sign that was made by Midwest Graphics, a business north of Anamoose.

volson burnt houseThe Volson house just south of Mike and Connie Rudnick that burned down this winter was removed yesterday.

spirea on Main St.

lilac bush in Wm Piper's yard

lilac bush in Wm Piper’s yard

It has been a good year for flowering shrubs.  Now the spiria are profuse with blossoms.  The lilacs are still blooming and the roses are just starting.

Residents have been out cleaning up their yards.  Josh and Ashley Schmidt s yard looks picture perfect with their thick grass and attractive landscaping around their house.

Josh & Ashley Schmidt home

Josh & Ashley Schmidt home

I am sure there will be more changes this summer, but for now these are the ones that I have noticed in my walks.

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