A Good Day for Ice Cream

Pouring in ingredients

Pouring in ingredients

ice cream mixing 2

With a temperature in the 90s today, it was a good day to make ice cream.

I visited the Anamoose Elementary School today to see what the kids in the 21st Century Summer Program were doing this summer.  There were 7 boys & girls taking part in the ice cream making (3 regulars were missing today).  They filled 2 Mega Balls with rock ice & the ice cream ingredients.  Then they went outside to roll the Mega Balls around till the ingredients were mixed & hardened.

The program runs half days Monday through Thursday in June & July.  Any student can attend.  The schedule is:

Monday-Bake-Banana bread & caramel rice krispy bars were made this Monday

Tuesday-Work in the garden at Deb & Kevin Reinowski’s

Wednesday & Thursday-In class-reading & writing-Scavenger Hunt

Instructors are:  Karissa Gahner, Julie Fahy, Kara Kallenbach, & Kristin Reinowski, aide.  This is the 2nd year that Kristin has helped.  She will be entering her 3rd year at Mayville State College.


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