Anamoose Area Community Fund Donors

Last year our Anamoose Area Community Foundation raised $35,000 which was matched by $15,000 from the ND Community Foundation.  We wanted to recognize the larger donors for 2008.  Certificates were given to the individuals, couples & businesses that donated over $300.  It has taken a while to get pictures of the donors.  Some declined to have their picture take.

Following are the donors in alphabetical order:

1.  Becker Construction-Maurie & Emy Becker (no picture)

2. certificate-vi-calvin-buxa.jpg Phyllis Zimmerman presenting certificate to Calvin & Violet Buxa

3.  joe-weninger-giving-cert-to-bill-goodwin-pres-civic-club-2008.jpgJoe Weninger presenting certificate to Anamoose Civic Club-Bill Goodwin 2008 president.   

4.  eagles-brandt-jenner-getting-cert-from-dennis-zimmerman.jpg Brandt Jenner, Harvey Eagles, receiving certificate from Dennis Zimmerman

5.  dennis-zimmerman-giving-cert-to-mark-friedt-first-international-bank.jpgDennis Zimmerman presenting Mark Friedt, First International Bank of Harvey, with certificate.

6.  shirley-nitz-giving-cert-to-howard-schann-first-state-bank-of-harvey.jpgShirley Nitz presenting certificate to Howard Schaan, First State Bank of Harvey

7.  joe-weninger-giving-cert-to-ladonna-bill-goodwin.jpgJoe Weninger presenting certificate to LaDonna & Bill Goodwin.

8.  joel-schimke.jpgJoel Schimke,Harvey Farmers Elevator (Anamoose Branch) receiving certificate from Brent Weninger.

9.  shirley-nitz-presenting-dick-hauser-with-cert.jpgShirley Nitz presents Dick Hauser with certificate.

10.  joe-weninger-giving-cert-to-alyce-vernon-heer.jpgJoe Weninger presents certificate to Alyce & Vernon Heer.

11.  Steve & Pam Heim-no picture

12.  lanny-linda-donors.jpg Lanny & Linda Helm, Helm Fly’n Service, being presented certificate by Alyce Heer.

13.  jude-wayne-heringer2.jpgWayne & Jude Heringer-(certificate sent)

14.  nick-hertz.jpg Rose Weninger presenting Nick Hertz, Hertz Funeral Home of Harvey, with certificate.

15.  2-dennis-zimmerman-givng-cert-to-norma-stan-martin.jpgDennis Zimmerman presents Norma & Stan Martin, Martin Insurance Agency of Anamoose  with certificate.

16.  janice-martin-picture-certificate.jpg Janice Senechal & James E. Martin (certificate sent)

17.  Nelson Funeral Home, Mark Nelson owner-no picture

18.  rose-weninger-giving-cert-to-shirley-bill-nitz.jpgRose Weninger presenting certificate to Shirley & Bill Nitz

19. shirley-presenting-claude-ripplinger-with-cert.jpg Shirley Nitz presenting certificate to Claude Ripplinger, Ripplinger Motors of Harvey.

20. ted-siebel.jpg Rose Weninger presented certificate to Ted Seibel, Seibel Law Firm of Harvey

21. dennis-elroy-stotz.jpg Dennis Zimmerman presents Elroy Stotz with a certificate

22. bob-and-marti-tuchscherer.jpg jim-marc-john-tuchscherer.jpgTuchscherer’s-  Bob & Marti Tuchscherer–Jim, Marc, & John Tuchscherer

23.  alyce-heer-giving-cert-to-rose-joe-weninger.jpgAlyce Heer presents certificate to Rose & Joe Weninger.

24.  dennis-phyllis-zimmerman-shirley-nitz.jpgDennis & Phyllis Zimmerman being presented with certificate by Shirley Nitz.

Thanks to all who donated in 2008. 

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