Still Working on Projects

Our Anamoose Horizons committee met Thursday to assess what we need to continue to work on.  A few of the main topics we discussed are the following:

Unless the Anamoose City Board hears from youth & adults that they want a skating rink, the city will not move the warming house to the lot north of the Lutheran Church & put the skating rink there.  Youth, if you want a skating rink you need to act now & call the members of the city council. 

The Market in the Park has been going good, but Bonnie Dockter said that may next year they will stop the end of September. 

I have contacted many people about funding for paving, sidewalks, curbs & gutters, but last week I talked to Sterling Bruer, USDA.  He said that grant money will only fund 15% of a project.  He also said there is “tons of loan money” available.  He suggested first getting an engineer to determine cost, etc & felt the bond market was the best way to go. 

Dennis Zimmerman went with an employee of the Forest Service who marked all the dead trees in Anamoose.  There are 39 dead trees in town.   Wow, I never realized there were that many!  Maria Effertz Hanson, McHenry County JDA Director, has suggested we incorporate a tree planting program along with tree removal.  Lows Greenhouse will give trees at a reduced rate to people who want to plant trees.  It was suggested that we just plant trees from the Soil Conservation. 

We have many Anamoose brochures on hand, but it cost $200 a year to put them in the rest stops. 

Mardi Helm has been giving Welcome packages to new residents, & just finished distributing Welcome packages to 12 hunting lodges in the Anamoose area.

If you have any ideas for articles for the Anamoose community blog or the Anamoose web site please email to 

The Renaissance Zone committee invited residents to a meeting last Tuesday evening.  They are moving ahead with their plans for a zone in Anamoose. 

horizons-with-wireless-microphone.jpgPictured is the Horizons committee from left to right:  Janice Buchholz, Mardi Helm Joe Weninger, Bonnie Dockter, Shirley Nitz, & Phyllis Zimmerman.  Missing: Bill Goodwin, Kaya Engen & myself.  Janice is holding the portable microphone for the rechargeable portable speaker system that we received from the Horizons program.  It will be kept at the Senior Center & can be used by any Anamoose group. 

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