Oldie, But Goodie

We have many senior citizens in Anamoose, but David Gienger is our oldest.  David will be 90 on May 26th, but definitely doesn’t portray a man of that age.  He has lived in the Anamoose area all his life.  He was born 10 miles north of Anamoose.  In the 40’s he moved 4 miles east of Anamoose.  He moved into town when he and his brother Chris quit farming .   Since then he has been working for other farmers.  At present he still works for the Bartz farm.  Guess he doesn’t know that the retirement age is 65. 

In 1939-40 David worked in a CCC camp at Foxholm, ND. and  learned woodworking.  Since then he has been making wood items such as shelves, picture frames, little nic-nacs, storage units, and tables.  Pictured are a kleenex holder, curling iron, and bathroom mirror. 

For 54 years David was score keeper at the Anamoose basketball games.  He and his wife Deloris live just a block from the school.  He was also Sec/Treas for the Anamoose Fire Dept. for 15 years.

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