Over the Hill a Ways

The 50th birthday is when you are considered “over the hill”, but Mary Dockter at 88 (89 in November) is WAY over the hill! She is the oldest woman in Anamoose.   Mary was born in White Township, Pierce County on the farm presently owned by her brother, Walter Doubek.  After marrying David Dockter in 1940 she lived north of Anamoose and in 1964 they moved to a farm south of Anamoose.  Mary moved in to Anamoose in 1987 after David died the previous year.

Mary is a busy woman for her age!  She sews quilts and collects owls.  She has over 1000 owls!  (Pictured is her largest and favorite owl)  Her kids still bring her owls and yet she has few duplicates. 

The quilt to the left is made of old neckties.  The  quilt below she calls her tab quilt as she has sewn tabs and buttons on all the jean squares.  The white square that says “Fire Department” and “Frank” came from a Fire Dept. coveralls that her brother Frank Doubek wore.  Frank died just a few weeks ago at the age of 85.  At present Mary is making cute little children’s farmer’s caps.  Mary still drives and enjoys visiting with friends at the cafe.  She is a member of the Anamoose Senior Center.

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3 Responses to Over the Hill a Ways

  1. Cindi (Doubek) Pawlik says:

    Hey, that’s my Aunt Mary!! I sure hope that I’m as spunky as her when I’m 89 years old. I love you, Auntie!!!
    Cindi (from Florida)

  2. Rachel Kell says:

    Go (great) Aunt Mary! I have a couple of your quilts and they keep my family warm, especially knowing they were made by you.

  3. Janice Schick says:

    Aunt Mary, (Stubby) you look great! Our family has lots of your quilts and we love them very much…..like being hugged by you!
    Janice in Beijing

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