Change is Good

A large crowd gathered at the Anamoose Senior Center Monday evening for a question and answer session about the new water system.  Since February we are receiving our water from the North Central Rural Water Consortium.  The consortium now owns our water tower, and complete system. 

The minimum monthly bill is $52 with the water usage rate at $5.30 per thousand gallons.  The average family will be paying about $65 a month.  We soon will be getting new meters that will allow the consortium to radio read our water meters.

Some water users have noticed an odor and taste to the new water.  We were told at the meeting this is due to a lubricant (similar to vegetable oil) that is used to put the PVC pipes together.  This should be gone soon. 

Water that we previously used from wells near Anamoose was high in arsenic and required many chemicals to bring it to an acceptable level.  At the meeting we were given a listing of what is in our water now.  This water is softer and considerably lower in sodium.  One big positive is that we don’t have scum on top of our coffee now!

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1 Response to Change is Good

  1. Cindi (Doubek) Pawlik says:

    Thank you for sharing the Anamoose newsletter with me. Many of my roots were formed in your fine city!
    Warm regards,

    Cindi (Doubek) Pawlik

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