Andy Melton, is Anamoose’s most recent resident visited by the “Welcome Committee”

Andy comes to us from Alabama via a stay at several other towns in ND the last 1 1/2 years before he chose to live in Anamoose.  He had his own construction business in Alabama for 17 years and decided to see more of the US by working in other regions.  He celebrated his 40th Birthday today, (8/17) and was working on the Mertz home when we came.  He works for Mertz Construction and has 21 years of experience in remodeling homes (his favorite) and also new construction.  He thinks of his employers, Ted and Tammy as family.  He has become their PR person and does much of the pricing and customer contact.  Andy stays involved in the community and has been on the Harvey Ambulance Service for 1 year and is on the Anamoose Volunteer Fire Department.  He has been involved with a Volunteer Fire Department for 17 years were he lived.  He commented that there are a lot of different things here than in Alabama to learn.  He has been to Fireman’s College.  He gave Alyce and I a tour of the construction in progress of Ted and Tammy’s remodeled home and hopes to have the project completed early next year.  The work on their home comes 2nd to the jobs the construction company gets so it all depends on how busy they are.  We are excited to see the finished project with the many neat features they have put in the plans.  Rumor has it they may have an open house when it is completed.  His hobbies include fishing and loves being on a construction site.  We welcome a very talented resident to Anamoose!

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