What’s Happening in Anamoose

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe actual paving is all done & now the Bituminous Paving Co. is picking up stakes, flags, etc. & filling & leveling off the edges of the pavement.

The pavement looks great!  It’s a treat to ride my bike on it.  Kids are out with scooters, skate boards, roller blades, & bikes.

There are many changes in Anamoose:

  • Seven homes have been sold-5 in one week!
  • Several roofs have been redone.
  • Ted & Tami Mertz put up a sign in front of their new home.  It is really different as it looks like it is made out of a log.  SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Ted  tore down the old Leland Grossman house south-east of the park & is in the process of cleaning up the lot.

These are just some of the things I see as I walk my dog Jack.

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1 Response to What’s Happening in Anamoose

  1. Lois Albrecht-Anderson says:

    What an improvement. Can’t wait to see the new sreets.

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