Little Raiders Day Care Open House

day care 1The Little Raider’s Day Care is all set to move to Anamoose as soon as it gets its State License -hopefully by the middle of next week.  But last evening they held an Open House to let the public see the new day care building which is attached to the northeast end of the Anamoose Grade School.  They are moving from the 3rd floor of the Drake High School.

(left)Amanda Dieterle, Reyne Buri, Haley Fornshell, Callea Lupton and Shaylin Gasaway

(left)Amanda Dieterle, Reyne Buri, Haley Fornshell, Callea Lupton and Shaylin Gasaway

day care 1

The day care now has children ranging in age from 8 weeks to 7 years old.  Head Day Care provider, Callea Lupton,  said they have up to 17 children after school on their busiest days.  But after they move to Anamoose they will have up to 24-27 after school.  There will always be 2 workers (Callea Lupton & Shaylin Gasaway), but a third employee will be added on busy days.

Construction was started  the first part of September.  The general contractor for the building project was Mike Rudnick, Heringer Lumber.  Becker Construction did the cement & construction of the building while Mark Engen did the dry wall.

It looks like a place that every parent should feel comfort in bringing their child to.

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