Snob Hill or Poverty Flats?

Do you like to get away from home to relax, visit or maybe fish a little?  But you don’t like the usual long drive to get there?

Note the little man catching a fish in the toilet.

Note the little man catching a fish in the toilet.

Many couples have found an answer to this by parking their campers at  a campsite on the west side of  Antelope Lake.

Snob Hill

Snob Hill

The  six campers on top of the hill are in the area called “Snob Hill” & the six at the bottom are located in “Poverty Flats”.  It sounds like they have a lot of fun with the names.

Poverty Flats

Poverty Flat

The campers from Anamoose find it easy to only have to drive 12 miles.   Most of the renters just come out on the weekends.  They can break up their time to go home for activities as needed.  Many of the campers are farmers who can go  back to their farms to spray or other farm jobs.

boat 2Doug & Holly Martin started the Antelope Hills campsite 2 years ago, furnishing water & sewer for 12 sites.  There is some walleye & perch fishing, but I was told that it is mainly a time for relaxation & socializing.  Most evenings groups get together around  camp fires.  Several families have kids.  Fred Hase built a sandbox for his 1 year old to play in.

Doug Martin gave me some history on Antelope Lake.  It is 1700 acres.  At its deepest it is 24.5 ft. deep. In 1988 it was completely dry, & at its largest in 1994-95.  Doug thinks that now the water pressure from Devils Lake keeps it so large.





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1 Response to Snob Hill or Poverty Flats?

  1. Alyce it looks absolutely beautiful. If I still lived in N.D., would surely put a camper there.

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