Two New Families Welcomed to Anamoose Today, (12/17/17)

Mardelle Helm and new assistant, Barb Martin welcomed Clem & Laurel Schnase to Anamoose from Fargo.  They have sold their business there after 30 years to move here to help his Father, Jerry, farm.  They are enjoying the small town life and don’t miss the big city life of Fargo.  They have three grown children and one grandchild who is one.  Their hobbies include working on old cars and enjoying their first grandson.


Our  second  family is Tory, Lori & Rylee Martin.  They moved from Harvey to be closer to family.  Rylee is a seventh grader at Drake/Anamoose High School.  Lori works at Anamoose/Drake School with the Headstart Program.  Tory works with North Central Ag.  Hobbies include fishing, (reg & ice), reading, hunting, basketball, volley ball, gardening and canning.  They have the cutest dog named Bella.

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