I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get the people visited and noted on the Blog.  I lost my helpers and have had some surgeries that have slowed me and the process down.  I also no longer take pictures as my photographer left the area and I lack a digital camera.  Seems the people I’m interviewing are happy about that.


On 09-06-18, Janice Buchholz and I (Mardi Helm), welcomed Marge Catlett and Lib Ardinger.  They originally lived in Hagerstown, Maryland before coming to North Dakota.  In ND they lived in Heimdal and Harvey before coming to Anamoose.  They love ND and small town living and the nice people that live here.  They are both retired.  Marge as a teacher and Lib from the Air Force and a groomer of pets.  They like to fish, hunt deer, read, knit and work with silver making beautiful jewelry, etc. They are also into card playing and games.


On 10-13-18, Barbara Martin and I visited with the newest resident of the housing apartments, LeRoy Faul.  He moved to Anamoose from his farm south of Harvey.  He is retired and used a process of elimination to choose Anamoose.  His hobby is playing his organ and finds religious songs are his favorite.  He also sings in his church choir.


On 11-14-18, we were at The home of Jesse Turner, he comes originally from Michigan and before coming to Anamoose he lived in Drake for awhile.  He works in the spring with Dakota Growers filling anhydrous tanks for farmers.  He is also opening his own his own business – JT Power Sports, where he will repair small engines.  Hobbies include fishing, nhunting, and riding the 3 wheeler.  If you need a small engine repaired call Jesse @ 701-629-6290.





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