Joe Weninger (left)  presenting $550 grant to Doug Rademacher

Eileen McDermott, AACF, drawing $550 winner

Doug Rademacher of Anamoose had a smile on his face when his name was drawn for the grand prize of $550.00 in this year’s AACF cash raffle drawing.  His wife Kathy purchased the ticket for him so hopefully he will share the money with her.

Only 500 tickets weere available and there were twenty chances to win.  All winnings were for cash with half the money collected in ticket sales being awarded in prize money.  Tickets were sold out two weeks bbefore the December 1st drawing.

Raffle winners are as listed:

Anamoose winners:  Doug Rademacher-$550; Pete Engen-$100; Lowell Dusek-$50; and Tory Martin-$50.

Donna Marthe accepting a $100 check from Rose Weninger (right) AACF.

Julie Schaan accepting $50 check

Larry Grossman (left) accepting $50 check from Joe Weninger.

Harvey winners: Bill Ongstad-$250; Mike Zwicker-$250; Nathan Keller-$200; Donna Marthe-$100; Larry Grossman-$50; Marlene Hoffart-$50′ Julie Schaan-$50; and Chad Ziegler-$50

Other area winners:  Miriam Smette, Towner-$150; Dean Beaudrie, Velva-$50; Diane Kwasigroch, Balfour-$100; Larry Zeeb, Goodrich-$50: and Cole Johnson, Minot-$50.

Out of state winners:  Danielle Marie Deyarmond, Ventura CA- $100; Mark Ripplinger, Camarillo CA-$150; and Don Martin, Bemidgi MN–$100.

Comgratulations to all winners and thanks to everyone who have been supportive in helping AACF achieve reaching their annual fund-raising goal of $$10,000.  Since origin in 2008 AACF has awarded over $66,000 to local non-profit projects.

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