Keeping Connected During Pandemic by Rose Weninger

Signs for event

Anamoose found a way to stay connected during this Pandemic.   Tony Martin made a comment that he wished Anamoose could do a drag main night like other towns.  Connie Rudnick sent Linda Dusek a message about it and later that morning she and her coworkers Ryan Filler and Jodi Isaak jumped on it and put out posters and everyone was game with the help of local busineses.  So within 4 days time the CRUISEN MAIN IN ANAMOOSE was planned for Saturday, April 25th from 6-8pm

The 1909 Steakhouse offered slider baskets at a special rate; also Nacho and Sampler Platers, carry out only where the orders were delivered to the vehicles. The First State Bank and Insurance Agency handed out free ice cream sundaes from the Anamose Cafe as vehicles passed by.  KB’s Bar also distributed free bags of fresh popped corn to vehicles that passed by the bar. All was done according to the COVID 19 Regulations.

Keitih & Brenda Reinowski

Shawn & Tami Palmer

Robbie Schindler

Bob Becker

Richard Helm, Butte

Kevin Reinowski

Lowell Dusek

Allen & Cheryl HagerrDarrell Sauvegeau

Bob Isaak

People of all ages drove up and down Main Street, just like days of old, with smiles on their faces having a great evening of enjoying what the vendors had to offer as well as waving to one another, and seeing friends and neighbors. Approximately 100 vehicles took part.  There were several drivers from neighboring communities that joined in the fun. Some drivers polished up their pride and joy vehicles for everyone to enjoy. It was a beautiful and most enjoyable evening.  Anamoose really came to life for a couple of hours and some of the vehicles brought back memories of days gone by.

Thanks to all those who made the evening so very special and enjoyable.


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