Flowers Galore by Alyce Heer and Rose Weninger

Mike’s new greenhouse is 7,680 square feet that is full of blooms!  It is a sight to see just in itself, not to mention the other 7 green houses in Schmaltz’s Greenhouse and the shop that is full of yard decor and much more.  He also has trees and plants outside on the south and west sides of the shop plus garden seeds, potting soil and peat moss.   All the greenhouses cover 30,000 sq. ft.   So many drive to Anamoose just to see the beauty of it all, and of course are unable to leave without a few (or many) treasures to enjoy at home.

Mike said he has many new colors and varieties in flowers with a lot more yard decorations.  Mike said he could never do all the work there is to be done without the help of Kailey Lemer.    She is very dedicated and capable of accomplishing any tasks that have to be done with the greenhouse.  Part time workers are:  Tiffani Schmaltz, Brittney Schmaltz,  Tori Dosch, Matt Jund, Bobby Jo Kuntz and Brenda Merck.

The hours are:  Monday-Friday 9am-8pm; Saturday 9am-6pm; Sunday noon -6pm.

Thirty years ago Mike purchased the greenhouse from Helen Mehl.


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