Severe Storm Hits Anamoose

A severe storm moved into Anamoose about 12:30am Wednesday,  July 8th  The severe damage lasted about 20 minutes and the rain continued on till 1:30am.

The Arthur Company Agronomy Center, west of Anamoose on Highway 52, was heavily damaged.  The aerial picture was taken by Russell Gust, son of Rose Weninger, with his drone.  He has a business in Minot, 51 Drones.

Matt Sieg, who will be 97 the end of July told Joe Weninger “First storm in my whole life that a storm scared me.  That was a nasty one”

Father Tom Graner told his congregation “If that wasn’t a tornado that is the closest I would ever want to be to one”.

Since I live in Bismarck, I called Rose Weninger for details of the storm.  She told me “The first time in 35 years that we went to the basement for a storm. At first residents were overwhelmed by devastation and the loss of all the trees, but it could have been worse.  It was a real blessing that no one was injured and to see the community come together for clean up”.

Some of 7 trees downed in Joe Weninger yard

Large trees were down all overe town and branches blown every which way, even sideways.  Joe and Rose Weninger lost 7 large trees in their yard.

Some of the other structural damage was:

  • Melvin Peiler-tree fell on garage
  • Jerome and Dorothy Peerboom- hole in roof of house from fallen branch
  • Roy Irish-quonset roof torn off.
  • Josh and Ashley Schmidt-trailer tipped over
  • Anamoose sign by south entrance-destroyed
  • Anamoose Housing-4 garage doors damaged

Surrounding farms also had damage to trees and buildings.  Many volunteers in Anamoose came out to help pick up trees and branches.  Mayor Frank Ewert told residents that if they pulled trees and branches onto the boulevard, the city has hired Volson Construction to pick them up and take them to the dump.

A generous person drove around town donating water and gator aid to all workers.  As the power was off till 4:30pm, Connie Rudnick, Anamoose Cafe, made breakfast on a grill in front of the cafe.  JoAnne Selvedt, Harvey, brewed up mega amounts of coffee.  With the help of Faye Weninger, they drove around in a golf cart passing out coffee.

Sheriff Trey Skager said that this was the worst damage in one area that he had seen in 20 years.


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