Gone But Not Forgotten by Rose Weninger

Taken by Mike Rudnick

Taken by Mandy Weninger

We all knew the day was coming but yet hoping it would be delayed.  Anamoose will no longer have a water tower with a happy moose greeting all those who drove by or into town.  The tower may be gone but the many memories and stories will not soon be forgotten.  One can’t help but feel like a bit of history and character has been discarded, all in the name of  “progress” and/or “unnecessary risk”.  Could we have done more to save our tower?  We will never know that answer.  The year 2020 seems to be the year of change, not much of it good.  Never before has there been a year with so much tragedy and sadness -all over the world.  Compared to all of it, losing a water tower may seem quite insignificant, but yet to the small community of Anamoose, it is a huge loss.




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