A Major Remodeling of An Old Historic Home

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East side of Hoke home   South deck being added What a change 4 years makes!  Two weeks ago Theresa Hoke invited Phyllis Peiler and me to see her completely remodeled home.  Mardi Helm and I had welcomed Theresa and … Continue reading

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On August 26th, Alyce Heer, long time resident and true ambassador for Anamoose was given a “Farewell Roast” by the residents and friends of Anamoose.  Alyce has moved to Bismarck to be closer to her children.  She will be dearly … Continue reading

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Once in a Life Time!

On Tuesday, June 6th Katie Knowles, of Minot, won the IDDBA Competition at Anaheim, CA.  Three women in the United States were chosen as finalists in the cake decorating competition.  They spent three 8 hour days decorating cakes.

Katie with car cake

On day 1 they each decorated 20 novelty cakes.   Day 2 they decorated a car cake for Pixar Disney Co. which sponsors CARS 3, a new movie just coming out.  On day 3 the decorated wedding cakes.

Katie with wedding cake

Katie, daughter of Mike & Connie Rudnick, graduated from Anamoose High School in 2003.  She is married to Brian Knowles, and they have 2 sons-Landon & Nolan.  Katie is the cake manager at the Market Place Foods store on Broadway.  She has been decorating cakes for 17 years.

Congratulations Katie on your accomplishment!

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Rare Whooping Cranes by Anamoose

A couple weeks ago Butch and JoEllen Ehrman saw these two whooping cranes feeding in their field.  The cranes only stayed for a day.  I did not realize how rare they are till I looked up the following information on the internet:

American Bird Conservatory Breed in freshwater marshes and prairies.  Found in salt water marshes, shallow lakes and lagoons on migrating into winter.  7-8 ft. wingspan & stands up to 5 ft. tall.-the tallest flying bird in America.  It’s named for its resonant call which can be heard over great distances thanks to an extra long trachea that coils around the bird’s  breast bone twice like a French horn.  

Collisions with wind turbines and power lines are an ongoing threat and unfortunately this bird is still illegally shot by hunters.  These majestic cranes are monogamous and mate for life.  Despite the fact most pairs lay 2 eggs, only the first hatched chick usually survives.  Food availability and predator abundance are major factors in chick survival.

Earth Justice  The whooping cranes were on the brink of extinction in 1941 but thanks to decades of successful conservation, and self-sustaining population, more than 300 birds now migrate between Texas and Canada.  Despite this hopeful sign, there are still only 400 cranes left in the wild today.  


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My Annual Trip to Greenhouse

If you want to lift your spirits just go to Schmaltz’ Greenhouse and see all the beautiful flowers, shrubs, trees, and garden decorations.

Mike has expanded the lawn decoration area, so he now has many large items like roosters and antique looking planters.  There are a wide variety of containers, especially for succulents.

A new petunia is Nightsky-a purple and white petunia.

Nightsky petunia

Tiffany Schmaltz, Mike Schmaltz (owner), Cheryl Linardon (bookkeeper), Kailey Lemer, Torie Dosch, Matthew Jund, & Monica Schmidt

Kids from the elementary school have been coming to get flowers for Mother’s Day since the 60s


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An Annual Event in Anamoose

The Anamoose VFW Axillary held their annual Loyalty Day observation on Monday, May 1st. President Elaine Miller presented certificates and a pin to  the long time members of the Auxillary.  They are:  Carol Weninger-51 years; Loretta Zuther-52 years; Vivian Rudnick-52 years; Gladys Schnase-52 years; Lyla Dockter-54 years; Betty Bruner-62 years; Ruth Schmaltz-66 years; Rachael Schmaltz-68 years.

Loretta Zuther

Lyla Dockter

Ten games of bingo were played with annual flowers as the prizes.  Mary Schatz won the door prize of a large bouquet of flowers.

Mary Schatz

Loyalty Day was started in 1921.  It is a day set aside to the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and for recognition of the heritage of American freedom.  Since 1958 each US president has to declare Loyalty Day.  

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Lessons Learned From a Vulture

We usually hear about senior citizens learning lessons from young people, but a vulture?  That’s a new one!

“Lessons Learned From a Vulture” was the talk that Eleanore Dossenko gave at the bi-annual Region 11 Council on Aging meeting at the Anamoose Senior Center on Tuesday, April 25th.  After a brain injury, Eleanore’s sister took to using a chain saw to make statues that she brought to a family reunion.  Eleanore’s grandniece went among the statues to stand in front of a vulture, patting it and kissing it in spite of it being so ugly.  What did she see in it?

One day Eleanore’s sister made Eleanore stop and pick up road kill. It was a pile of feathers with big talons sticking up out of the feathers and hanging onto a mouse.  We are sometimes like that vulture who wouldn’t let go of the mouse, even as the 4-wheeler barreled over him.  Like the vulture, we hang onto our old ways. Eleanore had thought of the vulture as an ugly bird until they spread the vulture’s wings and discovered the underside was gorgeous.

Young people want to help us and also to learn from us.  We need to allow them to do so, even if it is only doing small things that we pay them for.  We have to show an interest in them and build them up.  We have to remember what we were like when we were young.  “We were nuts too.”

Unlike humans, vultures mate for life.  Married women sometimes get so used to saying “Yes dear”, they forget to stretch their brains.  “They need to bloom.”

Vultures have some good qualities that we could share.  They are industrious and independent.  They take care of themselves.  They don’t pick fights.  But they have a bad reputation for waiting and cleaning up after other animals have died.

Older people should be generous with praise of others. We should not get too comfortable and lay-back, but should “stick our necks out like the vulture”, and stay involved.  We need to continue to do activities like reading and learning new technology.

Take time to see the good in others.  The eagle, like the vulture, is not a pretty bird, but to us it is a symbol of our nation.

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