A New Face at Anamoose City Hall

Laurel Schnase  started as the Anamoose City Auditor on August 21st when Cheryl Linardon had to resign for medical reasons.  Her office is open Tuesday 2:30-5pm, Thursday 7:30-12:30 and 1:30-5:30,and more as needed.  She is taking an auditor’s course in which she has completed one of five sections.

Laurel’s education included a 2 year Associate Degree in Accounting at Lake Region, Devils Lake,  and 2 more years for a Business Associate Degree at UND.

In the late 80’s Laurel and her husband, Clelm, moved to Martin where they had the Schnase Garage.  In 1989 they moved to Fargo where Laurel managed a convenience store till the birth of her 3rd child.  Laurel ran a daycare for about.   4 years.  Then she joined Clem in starting a towing company.  They held the Fargo Police Department contract for all their towing.  This kept them busy with accidents and impounds, along with calls from the private sector.  They moved to Anamoose in 2017 to start farming full time.  Clem has 100 head of cow/calf pairs and also grain farms.  Laurel worked at St. Aloisius Medical Clinic in Harvey when they first moved here.  She enjoyed it, but she is intrigued by numbers and had missed it, so when the Anamoose City Auditor position became available. she applied for it.

They purchased the former Adam and Michelle Ehrman house so Laurel is able to walk to work now.  But it has probably been hard to do that this last week as Anamoose had almost 30 inches of snow.

Laurel and Clem have 3 children: 30 year old CJ, married to Tish.  They have a 3 year old boy, Connor.  Billy, 28, a Graphic Design Artist, lives in Arlington, TX.  Their daughter Amanda works at Missouri Valley Vet in Bismarck as a Vet Tech.  She is married to Branden, a soil scientist.  They live in Mandan.

Laurel stated “It is great to be back in the Anamoose area!  I love being able to work so close to home and grateful to have a job that I enjoy so much.”

Even though I live in Bismarck, I have heard many praises for Laurel’s work.  Anamoose is so lucky to have her to carry on the good work from Cheryl.


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Addition to Greenhouse

Mike Schmaltz has added a new 64×120 foot greenhouse to the south end of  Schmaltz’s Greenhouse.  He plans to add more plant varieties and more large pots next year. Terpening Construction did the cement work and Becker Construction constructed the building.  Metal benches will used instead of the wooden ones that are used in the other 7 greenhouses.

This office was added 3 years ago on the south east end.

May 8 and 9th a representative from Proven Winners will be at the greenhouse for 2 days.  She will give talks during the day on uses of their product and will visit with the people.  Proven Winners is America’s #1 plant brand.  Mike, Tiffani Schmaltz and Kailey Lemer were taken by their company plane to tour their Four Star Greenhouse’s 27 acres of indoor growing area and an additional 4 acres of outdoor growing space.

A Griffin Seed representative will also be at the Greenhouse on May8-9 to talk about their seeds.

Mike has owned the greenhouse for 30 years.

If you wish to purchase a tree or succulent call 701-693-5686 or stop by the greenhouse as Mike is there almost every day.




Terpenning Construction of Maddock did the cement work for the foundation and Becker Construction put up the building.





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Main Street Improvements

This spring the north half of the former John Mahle bar (east side of Main St.) was torn down.  The south half of the building has been remodeled into a garage/shop for Mike Borgen to store motorcycles, snow blowers, other outdoor equipment and a shop.  Mike purchased the building from Kevin Hornerman several years ago.

He also resided the front and south side of his house (formerly Schmaltz Beauty Shop) and added a large porch to his entrance in the alley.

Front of house

Back porch

The front of the shop will be resided to match his house and the inside sheet-rocked.

Front of garage/shop

Mike still has about 50 pigeons and is looking for someone to race against them.  Starting October he will need someone to work about 10 hours a week to care for the pidgeons, shoveling, and occassional grass cutting at $12 an hour.  If interested call Mike Borgen at 701-465-3552.


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On 06/09/19, Barb and I welcomed Eldon & JoEllen Ehrman.  They moved in from their farm south of Anamoose and remodeled Phyllis Peiler’s home.   They are retired and their kids are all grown with families of their own.  Their … Continue reading

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Historic Bank Renovation

Work continues on the Historic Bank on Main St. in Anamoose.  Andy Melton has been doing the renovation and Ewert Construction did the dry wall taping and texturing.

The flooring and ceiling have yet to be done.  The ceiling will be white tin ceiling panels.

West door of safe

The old safe will be left in place and may be used for memorabilia.  It is very unusual in that it has two doors.  The brick wall on the west side of the safe has been left exposed.  There are two bathrooms-one east of the safe and one in the basement.  Glass board will be used on the walls for easy cleaning.  The basement steps have been moved to the middle-next to the north wall.  The basement is in good condition and will be used for storage.   All windows have been replaced.  The front door was taken to Kevin Duchsherer in Drake for rebuilding.

The plumbing, heating and air conditioning was done by Ralph’s Plumbing and Heating in Minot where Chad Marquart (formerly from Anamoose) works. The electrical work is being done by Heilman Electric in Harvey.  Kitchen appliances have not been purchased yet.

The Anamoose JDA owns the building and will lease it out for a restaurant.  Members of the JDA are:  Frank Ewert, president; Mike Rudnick; Mike Borgen; Ted Mertz; Bill Goodwin; and Jackie Martin.  The estimated openng date is the end of September.

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Memorial Flower Pot for Lutheran Church


Kathy Becker planting flowers

A large memorial flower pot has been added to the front entrance of St. Martin’s Lutheran Church.

It was purchased and planted by the Elmer and Agnes Schmidt family.  The flowers and dirt were purchased at the Schmaltz Greenhouse.

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Lost Bike in Anamoose

A friend from Bismarck told me yesterday that her daughter, Jasmine Backstrom’s 5 year old son lost his 2 wheeler red bike at the Anamoose park last week.

They had gone to lunch and forgot the bike till after they were done eating.  When they went back it was gone.

Does anyone knowwhat happened to it?  Please call Jasmine at 701-351-3820 or Alyce Heer at 701-889-2121.


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First Anniversary

Julia and Mirek Petrovic opened the Farmtastic Heritage Foods Hub one year ago March, 2018.

In April, 2019, they started an International buffet every Thursday evening from 4-7 pm.  They started out with Italian on April 18th, Hungarian on April 25th, Irish on May 2, Russian on May 9th, Czech on May 16th, Indian on May 23rd and Greek on May 30th. The meals will continue through June with June 6th-Brazilian, June 13th-Polish, June 20th-Equadorian, and June 27th-Japanese.

Chocolate cake

Julia with Spanakopita

Rose Weninger took these pictures.  She was at the Greek supper this Thursday and said there was a  good crowd.  The menu consisted of: Fasolatha (white bean tomato soup), lagana  bread, Spanakopita (spinach feta pie), Moussaka, and Greek salad.  Rose said ” the food was delicious”.  Chocolate cake (a favorite of Father Wipinsky) and torte were sold out before the evening was over. About the greek salad  Reannie May said “it was like a greek salad should taste.  It was very delicious.”

On Wednesday this was my neighbor’s Russian Pelmeni (grass fed beef dumplings) with potato salad.  She said it was “excellent”.

Menu for day

Julie and Mirek emphisize that everything is fresh and made from scratch.  They check what they have available and use these ingredients for their menu for the day.  They supplement their menu with local foods when available.

Pictured above is  out of town couples enjoying themselves the afternoon of  Thursday, May 30th.

For inquiries call Mirek at 570-994-3675 or Julia at 701-989-4514.  Or email m_petrovic @ gmail.com or http://www.farmtasticheritagefoods.com


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A Few Hours Spent in Anamoose

Wednesday I  rode with my neighbor, Jeanie Storsteen, from Bismarck to Anamoose to get some plants at Schmaltz Greenhouse.  We know there are a lot of places to get plants in Bismarck but there is no comparision between their plants and Mike’s.

I wanted to know what is new but as usual it was hard to get any information out of Mike. But I got Kailey Lemer, who has worked there for many years.  Kailey is taking online college courses through Dickenson, so has been able to work since March.

They have a new line of geraniums. Americana series has bigger foliage and buds. Moxie!  has smaller foliage and buds so will work in smaller pots.

Pictured is Bubble Gum petunias in the front pot, and the new Paradise in the back pot.

Kailey Lemer stands next to the new Paradise petunias.

The Greenhouse will be open through June on a regular basis.  After July 1  you can call for an appointment.

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Seniors Having Fun

Friday, February 15 the Anamoose Senior Center held a cake walk.  15 cakes were given away!  After the cake walk the Seniors had a good time visiting and snacking.

The Anamoose Senior Center will host the Region ll annual meeting on Wednesday, April 24th.  President Shirley Schnellback said they are looking for entertainment and a speaker.  Any Suggestions?

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