An Annual Event in Anamoose

The Anamoose VFW Axillary held their annual Loyalty Day observation on Monday, May 1st. President Elaine Miller presented certificates and a pin to  the long time members of the Auxillary.  They are:  Carol Weninger-51 years; Loretta Zuther-52 years; Vivian Rudnick-52 years; Gladys Schnase-52 years; Lyla Dockter-54 years; Betty Bruner-62 years; Ruth Schmaltz-66 years; Rachael Schmaltz-68 years.

Loretta Zuther

Lyla Dockter

Ten games of bingo were played with annual flowers as the prizes.  Mary Schatz won the door prize of a large bouquet of flowers.

Mary Schatz

Loyalty Day was started in 1921.  It is a day set aside to the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and for recognition of the heritage of American freedom.  Since 1958 each US president has to declare Loyalty Day.  

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Lessons Learned From a Vulture

We usually hear about senior citizens learning lessons from young people, but a vulture?  That’s a new one!

“Lessons Learned From a Vulture” was the talk that Eleanore Dossenko gave at the bi-annual Region 11 Council on Aging meeting at the Anamoose Senior Center on Tuesday, April 25th.  After a brain injury, Eleanore’s sister took to using a chain saw to make statues that she brought to a family reunion.  Eleanore’s grandniece went among the statues to stand in front of a vulture, patting it and kissing it in spite of it being so ugly.  What did she see in it?

One day Eleanore’s sister made Eleanore stop and pick up road kill. It was a pile of feathers with big talons sticking up out of the feathers and hanging onto a mouse.  We are sometimes like that vulture who wouldn’t let go of the mouse, even as the 4-wheeler barreled over him.  Like the vulture, we hang onto our old ways. Eleanore had thought of the vulture as an ugly bird until they spread the vulture’s wings and discovered the underside was gorgeous.

Young people want to help us and also to learn from us.  We need to allow them to do so, even if it is only doing small things that we pay them for.  We have to show an interest in them and build them up.  We have to remember what we were like when we were young.  “We were nuts too.”

Unlike humans, vultures mate for life.  Married women sometimes get so used to saying “Yes dear”, they forget to stretch their brains.  “They need to bloom.”

Vultures have some good qualities that we could share.  They are industrious and independent.  They take care of themselves.  They don’t pick fights.  But they have a bad reputation for waiting and cleaning up after other animals have died.

Older people should be generous with praise of others. We should not get too comfortable and lay-back, but should “stick our necks out like the vulture”, and stay involved.  We need to continue to do activities like reading and learning new technology.

Take time to see the good in others.  The eagle, like the vulture, is not a pretty bird, but to us it is a symbol of our nation.

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Housing Opening in Anamoose

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Diverse Activities in Anamoose

Esther Doubek, president Anamoose Senior Center

The Easter Egg Hunt, games and meal on Saturday mainly brought kids and young people to Anamoose, but Tuesday was all about bringing senior citizens to town.  The Anamoose Senior Center was host to the biannual meeting of the McHenry County Council on Aging.  Fifty five members were in attendance.

The entertainment was provided by second and third grades. They are not afraid to sing out.

2nd & 3rd grades

Mike Zwicker, CEO St Aloisius Medical Center

Speaker  Mike Zwicker, new St. Aloisius Medical Center CEO, told of plans for a Dexiscan machine and a new CT scanner.  Zwicker has an open door policy and has many positive plans for the future of St. Aloisius.

Ron Cartwright, Anamoose, was elected the new president and LaVonne Cameron, Deering, replaced Ron as vice-president.

Ron Cartwright

Anamoose will host the Region 11 Council on Aging meeting Tuesday, April 25th.


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3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 8, 2017 a crowd gathered in the Anamoose City Park to wait for the Easter Bunny to kick off this year’s search of 3000 brightly colored Easter eggs spread throughout the park. 

The Bunny arrived and greeted everyone, and the search began for those special eggs leading to wonderful prizes for the lucky person who finds them.  This year 3 bicycles and a scooter were top  prizes along with some sweet treats also found in the eggs.  Bikes & Scooter

After all the eggs found their way into a variety of baskets and bags for later, it was time to head to the VFW Hall where a tasty lunch was being served by the Park Board members.  Sloppy Joes, salads of every description, and bars for dessert served up with a smile. Lunch was underway and everyone buying their tickets for the cake walks and raffles and waiting for the fun to begin.  There were 50 cakes donated to go home with some lucky family and there were a wonderful variety of raffle prizes to win.

The Bunny was available for photos and handed out treats, as well as some bunny hugs.  He even took a great picture with a 4 month old German shepherd who evidently has a fondness for bunnies! Dog&Bunny Show

When the games were finished, all the cakes were gone and the raffle prize table was empty as well and the bicycles and scooter were awarded to the respective special egg holders, it was time to call it a fun day in Anamoose.   Everyone seemed to have a very good time at this year’s Park Board sponsored Easter Egg 2017 Event.  The Park Board thanked all the community volunteers for helping make this event a success.

See you all next year!

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Not Just a Business-But a Mission

Last evening Julia and Mirek Petrovic spoke to a group of people about the FARMtastic Heritage Foods Hub as “not just a business, but a mission.  People are seeking better food.”  They explained that their Food Hub will be an aggregation and distribution center for local fresh produce and value added products.  The growers produce the produce and the Food Hub markets and sells for all the members collectively.

To become a member there is a one time fee of $350 to help with startup costs.  Membership includes:  member Umbrella Liability Insurance free for the first year, 10% more for your produce,marketing done by the food hub, and value added products.  The Food Hub negotiates the highest possible selling price and keeps 25% back from member producers and 35% from nonmembers.  The Commercial Certified Kitchen can be used by members to make value added products and baked goods for a small nominal fee.

Last year the Petrovic’s sold produce to Bisman Co-op in Bismarck and KJ Fresh Market in Minot.

New wood look tile in front section

We were given a tour of the main floor and basement.  On the main floor all the flooring, ceiling and painting is done.  Now Mirec and Troy Barrington are working on installing equipment and counters in the kitchen.  They are also working in the basement enclosing areas for the cooler and a fermenting room.  The basement will be a wash and pack center.


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First Hand and Foot Tournament

Seniors have been playing games of Pinochle and Hand & Foot every Friday night this winter at the Senior Center, but this is the first time for a tournament.

The evening started out with a chile feed, followed by 4 tables of seniors taking part in the tourney.  After 8 hands (2 games) the winners were Barb Martin & Sandy Cartwright.  Second place went to Esther Doubek & Buck Buchholz.

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