More New Residents Choose Anamoose

On 10-13-18 Barb and I also welcomed Debbie & Luke Thomas.  Debbie is a teacher and Luke is a welder and have come to us from Garland ,TX.  Luke actually grew up in Rangeley, ND.  They live in Texas during … Continue reading

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I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get the people visited and noted on the Blog.  I lost my helpers and have had some surgeries that have slowed me and the process down.  I also no longer take … Continue reading

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Another New Business in Anamoose

Jesse Turner

Soon Anamoose will have a small engine repair shop -JT Power Sports. Jesse Turner recently moved to Anamoose and is working on the concrete work in an existing building for his shop.  He will also be putting up a fence.

Some of the small engines he will work on are lawn mowers, snowblowers, ATV’s, Side by Sides, motorcycles, etc.

Jesse moved from Michigan to North Dakota in 2011.  He worked construction to help Minot recover after the flood.  Drake has been his home for 5 years where he worked for Dakota Agronomy filling anhydrous tanks in the spring.

The Anamoose City Council gave Jesse a variance and zoned his property for general commercial.  Jesse received funding from the Revolving Loan Fund.

Jesse’s telephone number is 701-721-1566.  His address is 408 1st St. E.  His house is just east of the park.

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2018 Grants Given Out at AACF Breakfast

The Anamoose Area Community Foundation celebrated their 10th anniversary by holding a free breakfast at the Anamoose Senior Center on Sunday, October 7.

Four grants were given out:

Lori Berndt, Early Explorers, receives grant from Joe Weninger

Mike Rudnick accepts grant from Joe Weninger for Anamoose Fire Protection District

Cindy Heintz from Rugby accepts grant for Tri-County Senior Meals and Services

Linda Dusek accepts grant for Anamoose Senior Housing

  • Early Explorers-$1,532 for class room supplies for Head Start
  • Anamoose Fire Protection District-$2000 for a new truck
  • Tri-County Senior Meals-$1500 for senior meals in the Anamoose area.
  • Anamoose Senior Housing-$3100 for repair sidewalks and parking.

$58,000 has been given out in 43 grants since organized in 2008.

Joe Weninger, Rose Weninger, Phyllis Peiler, & Norma Martin, AACF members


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Buchholz Farewell

 On Sunday, August 26th a crowd of friends gathered at the VFW for a pot luck farewell for Buck and Janice Buchholz.

In 1976 they moved from Hazelton to Anamoose.  Buck was the Superintendent at the Anamoose school for 15 years.  When he started there were 300 students in the school.  Janice taught in elementary grades and library  for 21 years.  She said that the library is mostly automated now.

They took part and held offices in many organizations-Senior Citizens, Civic Club, Homemakers, Retired Teachers, VFW, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, many school events, plus played cards and games with friends.

They moved to Bismarck Saturday, September 8th to be near family.


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A Year in Anamoose

I drove around Anamoose this past week and took pictures of some changes in the past year since I moved to Bismarck last July 25th.  I am sure I missed some things, but did see quite a few.

Linda Uhlich’s house with new siding,  roof and garage

William (Scott) Piper's house with new roof, siding, windows, steps, and changes to his east sunroom.

William (Scott) Piper’s house with a new roof, siding, windows, steps and changes to the east sunroom.

Joe and Torie Dosch are putting up a new garage just north of their house.

Joe and Cheryl Linardon painted their house and have it for sale.

Mike and Connie Rudnick redid the outside of their house and added a garage. They finished the project about a year ago.

Pole barn on east side of Anamoose has been purchased by the city for storage.

Heath and Theresa Hoke have added a big deck to the south side of their house that wraps around the back. They also have a new raised garden.

The former Chris and Joan Tothe house 1 block east of the school has a new owner.

It was suggested that I take a picture of Ron and Pam Hoke as they have such a beautiful yard.

4 large pots and many hanging flower baskets were purchased by the Civic Club. The pot is in front of the 1909 bank that is being remodeled.


Woody and Kathy Selzler sold their storage units

Margaret Catlett and Lib Ardinger moved into the Angie and Emanuel Kesler house on Main St. They came from Maryland to Missouri to 17 years in Heimdalh, 6 months in Harvey and finally to Anamoose.

The Farmtastic Food Hub opened up this spring

If you know of other changes please send them (and pictures if possible) to me.  My email is  It is hard to continue this blog from Bismarck.  I would sure appreciate it if you would send me information for events .  Or better yet, take over this blog.










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Update on FARMtastic Heritage Food Hub

Mirek waiting on customers

I have been waiting for Julia Petrovic to send me some information on the FARMtastic Heritage Food Hub.  But she has been “very busy” since opening their new business on March 1st.  So I am going to take some excerpts from an article in the Bismarck Tribune by Jesa Holdman.

Borscht made from homegrown beets, local potato pierogies and pasta sauce made with heirloom tomatoes grace the lunch counter at FARMtastic Heritage Food Hub on Main Street in Anamoose.  

‘The food is just incredible because the ingredients are incredible’, said founder Mirek Petrovic.  

The food hub has been open for about a month, and Petrovic said it’s been well received, serving daily lunch specials and baked goods.

‘This is the first in North Dakota that I know of,’ Mindy Grant de Herrera, director of educational programs for statewide local  growers organization FARRMS, said of the food hub.  ‘ It will be interesting to see how it works out.’

A food hub is a center of production, distribution and marketing services where local food growers can pool resources to sell their products.  Grant de Herrera said food hubs have been popping up across the United States lately and play a large role in the local food movement.

‘I think it’s a fantastic resource,’ she said.

FARMtastic works with about seven area growers who sell through and to the food hub, Petrovic said.

In addition to processing packaging fresh produce for sale to grocery stores and other outlets, FARMtastic operates a cafe in Anamoose.  Petrovic said this has allowed the food hub to expand how much produce it can take from local growers, increasing buying power by about 40%.

What Petrovic and his wife don’t sell fresh, they can and use for cooking in their cafe and bakery, which is open noon to 6pm Monday through Friday and for special events on weekends.

The Petrovics are freezing berries and using them on items such as cheesecake.  They tap local milk producer, Bessie’s Best, for the dairy ingredients.

‘Now you have a local dessert,’ Petrovic said.  ‘There are a lot of things we can freeze or dehydrate.’

Petrovic said the idea arose from the wasted produce that accumulated in their own farming operation.  

Grant de Herrera said having that FARMtastic outlet is a good way to sustain local produce growers throughout winter months.  Local growers often start their seedlings in March, which leaves them bringing an income from June through October.  

Julia and Mirek are planning for a series of events 2 times a month  on Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.  They had a very successful Mother’s Day.

Daily menus are posted on Facebook.

Julia says they have been so busy they have hiring a dishwasher.  Their girls help out 2 times a week with baking.  I know that one of the girls loves to bake pies as she baked one for me in the past.





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